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FileUploader lost query string params

Sep 3, 2009 at 2:43 PM

The problem: a have placed a fileuploader on the user control witch is activated depence query string parameters. Then i`m aploading file fileuploader is requesting (from it iframe) to the page there my control placed BUT WITHOUT any query string params (except it own params). So my control doesn`t activate and i`m getting an error: 

Failed to load source for: http://localhost/....Default.aspx?Subgurim_FileUploader1=0&Subgurim_FileUploader2=Subgurim_6c6ca707_ac6e_46ca_9c52_3cf5d00502a0SFUA_Div2&Subgurim_FileUploader=Subgurim_6c6ca707_ac6e_46ca_9c52_3cf5d00502a0

Please help me to resolve this bug.