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Doesn't hide the uploader

May 15, 2009 at 1:31 PM

Hello, I'm using this File Upload, and it's great!!, but i have a few questions... i am using this control in my aspx page, and it's used to upload only one image of a product to show in the page and save the path to the database... but of course if the image that the user uploads doesn't like to him.. then he can remove it with the delete function of the control.

But my question is that when i click on "Delete" link of the uploaded image, i have to click again in the "x" link to hide, and then again in the "Add" link to show the Upload file controls... i would like to know how to prevent this and show the upload control right after i click on "Delete" link.. to avoid this two middle steps.

I hope you can help me.